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Research Fund 2010

MACPAD Awards 2010 Research Funds

In 2010, MACPAD awarded $75,000 to the National PKU Alliance Research Fund to be used for PKU research. The National PKU Alliance (NPKUA) is an alliance of almost all of the local and regional PKU organizations in the United States. It was formed for several reasons. One significant purpose of the alliance is to collect and distribute research funds raised by the member organizations to the most important PKU research projects as determined by an elite panel of PKU experts.

National PKU Alliance Research Fund awarded a post doctoral fellowship to Dr. Roberto Gramignoli, D.Sc. at the University of Pittsburgh to study for a second year the applicability of liver cell transplantation for treating PKU; awarded a second grant to Dr. Harvey Levy, MD at Harvard University Medical School to continue his study of children of mothers who have PKU to assess their nutritional and psychological status; awarded a second grant to Dr. Denise Ney at the University of Wisconsin to continue her research of Glycomacropeptide (GMP) by studying if GMP improves bone density in PKU mice and thus possibly in PKU people; awarded a grant to Dr. Cary Harding to continue his more than ten year study of gene therapy as a potential cure for PKU; and awarded a post-doctoral fellowship to Dr. Kristen Skvorak-Vallieu at the University of Pittsburgh to determine if liver cell transplantation will provide a long term correction for hyperphenylalaninemia and also to determine if PAH deficiency leads to alterations in brain catecholamine and monoamine levels.

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