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Laura Spayd

I am the mom to a daughter, Evelyn, born December 2008. On her eighth day, Evelyn was diagnosed with PKU. It is a day etched in my brain as one of the worst days of my life. How can my perfect baby have something wrong with her? I was devastated and broken. My dreams of making Christmas cookies with her were shattered. Now looking back, I understand with lots of support and help, living with PKU is possible. I can still make cookies with Evelyn, we just use different ingredients. My hopes and dreams for my daughter are all intact, regardless that she has PKU. She is a bright, funny, caring girl who just happens to have PKU and eats a special diet. It is a part of our lives daily, but it does not change our day to day activities.

I want to be a part of MACPAD because I believe in the mission to help families. My low days dealing with the PKU diet I felt alone. I don't want others to feel alone. I want to reach out to families and have families reach out to me for support. I want those with a metabolic disorder to meet each other and to know they are not alone. It can be difficult, but with support and knowledge it is possible to live with PKU and not have it define your life.