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Kristin Upschulte

MACPAD Central Pennsylvania Chapter Chairperson


Kristin Upschulte serves as Chairperson for the Central PA Chapter of MACPAD. Kristin and her husband, Dan, have a beautiful son named Dylan, born on July 12, 2010.  Dylan is a PKU baby.


On that magical day Dylan was born, Kristin and Dan felt what every new parent feels; joy, happiness, excitement, and most of all, that they were blessed.  As first-time parents, they prayed, that Dylan would be a healthy child.  And, that is why they can vividly remember the day Dr. Berlin announced that their perfect son had PKU. 


“PKU?  What is that?” was their first thought, followed closely by, “How serious is it?”  Kristin and Dan were already overwhelmed being new parents, but hearing that their son had a genetic disorder was a traumatic experience. 


Now, Kristin and Dan look back on those days and smile, because they understand PKU.  They and Dylan live with it as part of their daily routine, and they still have a perfectly healthy son.  Every day is a new learning experience, but they have vowed to take it one day at a time.  


Kristin and Dan couldn’t have made it through those trying first PKU days without a strong support system.  Dr. Berlin and Andrea Abbee at their clinic in Hershey, PA, truly put these two young parents at ease by repeatedly telling them, “Dylan is going to be just fine.”  Kristin and Dan, as well as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends, joined together those first few weeks in support of Dylan.  They all worked to learn how to raise a child with PKU. 


Everyone needs a strong support system. That is why Kristin feels participation in MACPAD is vital.  Kristin’s goal as a member of the MACPAD Board of Directors is to get children together of all ages so they can see that they are not alone.  She wants Dylan to grow up understanding how to live his life confident in his diet.  Kristin also wants all parents of PKU babies to know that their children will be “just fine” too.